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Bible Questions About God, Life, and Eternity

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Question #2

Why do I need to know the Bible?

There is no way to know about God, life, and eternity without knowing what the Bible says.  You will miss out on what God has for you in this life.  He has a plan for you that is good, but you must seek Him through the Bible.  He tells you about His love for you by coming to earth to die on the cross and pay for your sin.  If you miss that, you miss the most important thing you can know on this earth!

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Question #1

Folks ask, “What is going on with this world?”

Things have always been “bad” but there is a growing sense that times are changing for the worse.  These verses state that life without God leads to life like we see today.  Where is hope for the future?  Government cannot deal with the heart.  Our nation as a whole has decided there is no need for God.  Is this the result?

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