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Bible Questions About God, Life, and Eternity

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Question #7

If God wants people to be good, why don’t good works count for getting into Heaven?

To pronounce a guilty man righteous is unjust by itself.  God’s mercy would not allow God to leave us to our fate which is eternal separation from Him.  His justice demanded punishment for our sin.  The only possibility was for God to become man as Jesus and die in our place.  His death, not good works, is the only payment for sin He will accept.  Believe in Jesus, not your works, and have eternal life.

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Question #1

Folks ask, “What is going on with this world?”

Things have always been “bad” but there is a growing sense that times are changing for the worse.  These verses state that life without God leads to life like we see today.  Where is hope for the future?  Government cannot deal with the heart.  Our nation as a whole has decided there is no need for God.  Is this the result?

Question #2

Why do I need to know the Bible?

There is no way to know about God, life, and eternity without knowing what the Bible says.  You will miss out on what God has for you in this life.  He has a plan for you that is good, but you must seek Him through the Bible.  He tells you about His love for you by coming to earth to die on the cross and pay for your sin.  If you miss that, you miss the most important thing you can know on this earth!

Question #3

My life seems empty with no purpose. Where is God for me?

He is ready and waiting for you!  He is seeking you and drawing you to Himself. The answer of how to make this connection is found in the Bible.

Question #4

Is the God of the Bible the only God there is?

God did not hide, He wants us to know Him.  Jesus was God in the flesh.  Everything you can know about God while on this earth is found in Jesus and the Bible.  You get to know God by believing in Jesus as your Savior  He reveals Himself through the Bible and the Holy Spirit who comes to live in you.

Question #5

I do not know where I will spend eternity.  Can I be sure?

No man or religion can make a promise like this.  You can KNOW that you have eternal life in Heaven.  Only God can make this promise because He has the power to give life to those who believe in Jesus for life!  Every person who admits his need for a savior and turns to Jesus, the One who died on the cross to pay for his sin, is promised the gift of salvation, eternal life.  Trusting in His work (believing in Him) is what saves you, not your good works.  Then you can be sure!

Question #6

How do I know if what I believe is the truth?

God communicated to us through His Word.  He left it up to us to study what He said.  He always tells the truth.  If you do not search the Scriptures, you will be tricked into believing what is false.

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