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At York Berean Church, we offer Zoom meetings for our church services.  This enables our members to interact with each other, even if they are unable to make it to the physical church for one reason or another.  We also have several who attend our Zoom meetings from out of state or Canada.  Feel free to join us and get to know us a little better!  Some people feel that attending a new church is hard, but meeting us on Zoom is less scary than attending in person the first time.  If this sounds like you, we welcome you to try us out.

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We start our service on Zoom (and in person) at 10:45am each Sunday.  You can join the meeting around 10:30, as our members chat before the service begins.  If this isn’t for you, you may also join the live-stream.

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Sweet hours of prayer

Sweet Hours of Prayer ~ 5/15/2022

How do we connect with God? By sweet hours of prayer. What do we need to know about how to have a good prayer life? Dennis Moore is our guest speaker this week, and he will be sharing all about prayer with us.

Join us at 10:45 for our Zoom Services by clicking the button below and you will be taken directly to the meeting.  If you would rather not download the program, enter your name below (replace “YBC” with your name), and click “Join”.  We start letting people in around 10:30.  Come early and meet some new people!

If you have any trouble using Zoom, please contact us on the Contact YBC Page or send a message through Facebook.  Contact us anytime with any questions that you may have.  If you’re having trouble, you can also join the live-stream.

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