Sweet Hours of Prayer ~ 5/15/2022

Sweet hours of prayer

How do we connect with God? By sweet hours of prayer. What do we need to know about how to have a good prayer life? Dennis Moore is our guest speaker this week, and he will be sharing all about prayer with us. You may participate with us each week on our live-stream page, YouTube, […]

Mothers Choices: Impact on Her Children ~ 5/8/2022

Mothers choices: impact on her children

Mothers Choices – A mother’s life has a major impact on her children and the future of the next generations. Proverbs tells us that the difference is between being wise and being foolish. What makes the difference? Proverbs is a book with straight-forward talk from God about how things should be done. He can tell […]

God’s Instruction Manual for a Great Life is the Book of Proverbs! ~ 5/1/2022

God's instruction manual is the book of Proverbs

God’s Instruction Manual for a great life is the book of Proverbs! There is something for everyone in this amazing book. You and your family and grandchildren can benefit from the study we will be doing as we search the categories covered by the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon. Introduction to the book of […]

Money – Love it or Invest it for Eternity? ~ 4/24/2022

Money - love it or invest it for eternity?

Money – Love it or invest it for eternity? Like it or not, money has a huge impact on our lives. Philippians 4 is Paul’s concluding message to the church with thanksgiving and what he says we need to consider in our use of money. It is a life changing message! You may participate with […]

The Disciples Who Turned from Kittens to Tigers – Easter Sunday ~ 4/17/2022

The disciples who turned from kittens to tigers

The disciples who turned from kittens to tigers, what made the difference? What experience does God want us to have because HE IS RISEN? It’s Easter 2022! We have some great truth on our side, actually, THE TRUTH! Let’s celebrate the Truth and live it. You may participate with us each week on our live-stream […]

Why did Jesus have to Suffer so Much? Easter Week 2 ~ 4/10/2022

Why did Jesus have to suffer so much?

Why did Jesus have to suffer so much? How does what took place in the short time Jesus hung on the cross provide a payment for our sin for eternity? These are big questions that must be answered to understand why the crucifixion of Jesus is the most significant event in all of this worlds […]

What Jesus’ Trial Teaches Us – Easter Week 1 ~ 4/3/2022

What Jesus' trial teaches us!

What Jesus’ trial teaches us! How did Jesus handle himself in the face of unjust accusations? In a world filled with lies and unjust accusations, we have Jesus’ example of what to do and how to handle life here and now. Join us for our first part in a 3 week Easter series. You may […]

My Testimony: Before and After ~ 3/27/2022

My testimony: before and after

We will be hearing from one of our own, Dennis Moore. He will be sharing his testimony, before and after he gave his life to Jesus Christ. This should be an interesting look into the man he is now, and how God changed everything for him! We hope that you can join us to hear […]

Making the Living Christ Real! ~ 3/20/2022

Making the living Christ real!

Making the living Christ real! If Jesus is really alive and lives in us how can we experience His work in our everyday lives? There are many emotional and mental problems we face. Paul tells us how they can be solved by what happens in our mind and Jesus wants to help it all turn […]

The Power of Unity in the Church ~ 3/13/2022

The power of unity in the Church

A well-known concept from Ecclesiastes says… “And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” (Ecc 4:12) Paul longed for unity in Philippi! He knew that the impact of the church would be greatly diminished if the quarreling he knew about did not stop. We will […]