Self-Control – More Important than We Think ~ 8/14/2022

Self-control – More important than we think! I wonder sometimes why I don’t have as much self control as I should. We will start at the beginning of our lives and see where self control comes from and end up with God-control. It determines so much in our lives, our families and in our nation! […]

Family Order Makes Beautiful Harmony! ~ 8/7/2022

Family order makes beautiful harmony

Family Order makes beautiful Harmony! Gods plan for the family creates beauty, balance, blessing, flourishing, fun, work, endurance, stability… all in perfect HARMONY! This is a huge need in our world today. I hope you can join us and bring a friend to watch if you like! All of this is still in Proverbs! You […]

What is the cure for poverty? ~ 7/24/2022

What is the cure to poverty?

What is the cure for poverty? Solomon is blunt, but he makes sense because he is giving us God’s way of living that will make us flourish while we are here on earth. This is not a get rich scheme, this is honest advice that could lift people out of poverty if practiced. You may […]

Who are the Righteous and Who are the Wicked in Proverbs? ~ 7/17/2022

Who are the righteous and who are the wicked in Proverbs?

Who are the Righteous and who are the Wicked in Proverbs? 87 times in Proverbs God talks about the Wicked and 54 times He talks about the Righteous. What are the characteristics and what are the blessings of being righteous? With this many verses to look at we will choose the most relevant ones and […]

What Did the Richest Man in the World Say about Money? ~ 7/10/2022

What did the richest man in the world say about money?

What did the richest man in the world say about money? Solomon’s wealth amazed the rich and famous, even the queen of Sheba! How did he view the use of money so that it did not control his life, and he could use it to please God? All the money in the world will not […]

How to Turn a Fool into a Wise Man! ~ 7/3/2022

How to turn a fool into a wise man

How to turn a fool into a wise man! One book has the answer to that! The Bible and the book of Proverbs makes it very clear! Do we ever need this in our modern times. Bring your Bible, mark the verses, put the word of God in your heart, love it, and obey it. […]

It’s All About the Heart! ~ 5/29/2022

It's all about the heart

It’s all about the heart! When man tries to fix things, they only can deal with the outside. When God wants to fix things He deals with the heart! Proverbs zero’s in on where our problems come from and how that Wise Living can make all the difference in the world. It looks like the […]

Don’t Waste Your Life ~ 5/22/2022

Don't waste your life!

Don’t waste your life. Life is short! You only get so much time while you are here on earth. How to live it wisely is what Proverbs is all about! GOD PLEADS WITH US TO SEEK WISDOM!!! What should we do about this? What are the benefits and what are the warnings if we don’t […]

Mothers Choices: Impact on Her Children ~ 5/8/2022

Mothers choices: impact on her children

Mothers Choices – A mother’s life has a major impact on her children and the future of the next generations. Proverbs tells us that the difference is between being wise and being foolish. What makes the difference? Proverbs is a book with straight-forward talk from God about how things should be done. He can tell […]

God’s Instruction Manual for a Great Life is the Book of Proverbs! ~ 5/1/2022

God's instruction manual is the book of Proverbs

God’s Instruction Manual for a great life is the book of Proverbs! There is something for everyone in this amazing book. You and your family and grandchildren can benefit from the study we will be doing as we search the categories covered by the wisest man who ever lived, Solomon. Introduction to the book of […]